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Appeal against Illegal Mutation Entries - When Talathi executes illegal mutation entry and enter the name of any third party in the 7/12 extract of the land without following proper process of law, the aggrieved person has to file appeal before the Sub-Divisional Officer (Prant) /Deputy Collector of the concerned jurisdiction to stay, quashed or set-aside such illegal mutation entry. Section 256 of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966 is applicable for the stay of execution orders. 

32G Proceedings- When there are any disputes regarding tenancy rights appeared relating to the land where Bombay Tenancy & Agricultural Land Applied (KUL KAYADA), the appeal is required to be filed before the Tahasildar/Agricultural Tribunal to provide justice against improper execution of tenancy related orders.

Non-Agricultural Permission- If any activity in the nature of development for residential or commercial purpose is carried out on the land other than for the agricultural use, then before carrying out any development on the land, an eligible person has to apply to the collector for the permission to convert the use of agricultural land for any non-agricultural purpose, or to change the use of land from one non-agricultural purpose to another non-agricultural purpose. Section 44 of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966 is Applicable to such proceedings.

43/63 sale Permissions-  These Sale Permissions are required to be taken under section 43/63 of Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, 1948, if the land is allotted/purchased under this law and the beneficiary person wants to sale it for the bonafide industrial, commercial, social or non-agricultural purpose to any third party.

Proceedings Before Collector of Stamp

Stamp Duty adjudication Proceedings- In case, Client is not in a position to determine how much stamp duty is payable on the document, the stamp duty adjudication process is to be filed before the Collector of Stamp. The process may be filed for already executed documents or non-executed document. The process is filed under section 31 of Maharashtra Stamp Act & Maharashtra Stamp (Determination of True Market Value of Property) Rules,1995. 

Stamp duty Refund- In case, excess stamp duty or penalty paid, cancellation of registered agreement, return of unused stamp paper, cancellation of document where judicial stamp paper is required but non judicial is used or vice a versa or stamp duty refund as per court order, the stamp duty refund proceedings are to be filed before collector of stamps 

Stamp duty Evasion- This is the case where the Government serve notice to the Client if he has paid less stamp duty on the document executed.  

Proceedings before Registrar of Co-operative Society

Registration of Society- When Builder sold out flats in the residential building/s & receive an occupation or building completion certificate from the concerned local authority, the registration of a housing society is to be done before the Joint Registrar of Co-operative Society of concerned jurisdiction.  

Deemed Conveyance Proceedings- After registration of Co-operative Housing Society, the builder/owner of land/plot on which such society/building is situated has to execute, transfer and register the conveyance of the said land/plot in favour of registered Co-operative Housing Society however if Builder/Owner failed to execute, transfer and register the conveyance deed in favor of registered Co-operative Housing Society within 4 months of period, the Society has right to file the deemed conveyance application before the appropriate authority and asked for the deemed conveyance. 

101 Notice- When dues are pending from the Member of registered Co-operative Society, the proceedings u/s 101 of Maharashtra Co-operative Society Act has to be filed before Joint Registrar of Co-operative Society for Recovery Certificate.  


Proceedings before Rent Control Authority

Proceedings before Rent Control Authority for tenancy disputes in case of Leave and License & Rental Agreement.

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